French tech


Mar 29, 2023

Piloting promotions with the help of Lokad at La Redoute

Exclusive interviews with Mary Leitao and Ludovic Bidault, Heads of Purchase Management at La Redoute, who graciously took the time to discuss La Redoute’s predictive optimization partnership with Lokad. La Redoute, the second largest women’s clothing retailer, chose Lokad to drive transformation around predictive optimization. The goal of this collaboration was to use artificial intelligence to better manage the match between pricing, sales performance, and inventory.

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Jan 18, 2023

Revima X Lokad - Projet d’Optimisation des Stocks

Interviews exclusives avec Olivier Legrand (Président de Revima) ; Brice Arias (Responsable de la chaîne d'approvisionnement de Revima, APU & Landing gear MRO) ; Sebastien Honore (Revima LDG - Buyer & Planner) ; Thomas Niel (Revima Purchasing Group) ; et Simon Schalit (Directeur des opérations chez Lokad).

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