Generative AI in Supply Chain (ChatGPT and the Perils of Flimflam) - Ep 140

00:00 Introduction
00:25 What is Generative AI? What is its purpose?
05:36 Why did the recent versions of ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion catch the public’s attention?
13:44 Discussion on ChatGPT’s level of sophistication and overall intelligence.
21:07 How much progress would the fourth iteration of ChatGPT have to make to achieve anything resembling human intelligence?
31:05 Are there any valid applications of generative AI in supply chain?
40:39 Is generative AI a net negative or positive for supply chain?
45:54 Are vendors’ claims of AI in their supply chain solutions automatically bogus?
50:52 In theory, how might one properly integrate AI into one’s supply chain stack?
52:32 Overall, should businesses simply avoid AI (generative et al.)?


Generative AI – ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion, or similar – has captured mainstream attention in a way few could have predicted. The fruits of this innovation can be found in practically every sector, from supply chain vendors to students at university. Some herald this as the beginning of a new era; one where artificial intelligence will work alongside humans, replacing many of the mundane tasks of modern business, work and study. Others are far more tentative, believing the merits of generative AI are grossly overstated, if not outright fraudulent.

In this wide-reaching conversation, Joannes and Conor discuss the state of the generative AI landscape, the philosophy of knowledge, the supply chain perils presented by AI buzzwords, and whether ChatGPT is smarter than a cat.