Supply Chain News on

00:08 Introduction
00:37 What is the current state of information flow in the supply chain industry ?
01:40 What is the most popular online forum at the moment?
02:13 Who are the people who spend time on the Reddit forum?
04:05 The actual informative knowledge is very diluted you would say?
06:40 Is it because classical theory is not applicable in real life?
07:19 They are lacking behind the software that we currently have?
09:16 Speaking of the space, what is the that we launch?
12:15 It is a form that encourages discussions on the topic?
14:38 How does compare to the SubReddit for the Supply Chain?
16:06 Reddit prefers to have only internal links basically?
17:49 What is your main goal with the launch of the new website What do you hope to achieve?
21:10 Can you give some examples of the latest posts on the forum?
22:35 What do you hope that will do for the Supply Chain community?
23:18 Maybe encourage to challenge the status quo in Supply Chain?


The world of Supply Chain is exceedingly opaque and there are very few places on internet nowadays where you can learn anything of value about it.

While Reddit targets a young category of users and Wikipedia has been largely subverted by enterprise software vendors (as far as supply chain topics are concerned), LinkedIn remains one of the only trustworthy source of information in the field, due to the experience of the professionals that are sharing their experiences. However, this information does not remain easily accessible after a while. Therefore, it would be interesting to have a place to discuss the specifics of the Supply Chain field.

For this purpose, Lokad has launched a new open discussion board, reachable at, an aggregator that consolidates interesting links to various Supply Chain topics and where the community can discuss and submit their own subjects. The goal is to share links of interest for Supply Chain-minded people, giving them the chance to debate and contribute to further achievements in the field.