The Strategy-driven Supply Chain (with Bram Desmet)

00:07 Introduction
00:41 What led you to write the book The Strategy-driven Supply Chain?
03:26 Could you give a quick summary about the triangle of service, cost and cash?
06:30 Why should supply chain be independent from the S&OP process?
12:02 Joannes what do you think the role of S&OP should be?
19:14 What is the kind of knowledge that you think is lacking in the executive room?
23:21 Joannes, why do you think companies in times of growth struggle to find balance in the triangle?
32:59 Bram, why do you think companies don’t go bankrupt because of loss but rather the lack of cash?


In this episode, we are honored to welcome Bram Desmet, professor, keynote speaker and founder of the Strategy-Driven Supply Chain Institute to discuss the profound link between supply chain and a company’s strategy.

After a short career in IT, Bram found himself interested supply chain and sought to answer seemingly simplistic problems such as “How much inventory does a company really need?”. His key finding was that such question entails more than just supply chain. Finance should be concerned with inventory (inventory is working capital or cash) and strategy should also be (e.g a company that wants to focus on a smaller assortment will inevitably carry less inventory).

In practice, finance, strategy and supply chain are rarely connected as much as they should in order to improve the success of a company. Making a supply chain more strategy-driven is paramount and pragmatically explained in Bram’s second and latest book.