Supply Chain Persona: Stuttgart, an automotive aftermarket company - Lecture 3.4

00:00 Introduction
02:27 Car longevity and car repairs
04:50 The story so far
09:23 Crafting a supply chain persona (recap)
11:26 Stuttgart, automotive aftermarket
14:10 Cars and parts
21:30 Repair centers
33:55 Car parts ecommerce
46:35 Used cars ecommerce
55:38 Revisiting cars and parts
01:01:21 Conclusion
01:03:04 3.4 Stuttgart, automotive aftermarket persona - Questions?


Stuttgart is a fictitious automotive aftermarket company. They operate a network of stores delivering car repairs, car parts and car accessories. In the early 2010s, Stuttgart also started two ecommerce channels, one to buy and sell car parts, and one to buy and sell used cars. Stuttgart attempts to deliver a high quality of service in the complex and competitive European automotive market that features tens of thousands of distinct vehicles and hundreds of thousands of distinct car parts.