Amsterdam, cheese brands (persona) - Lecture 3.2

00:17 Introduction
06:07 The story so far
07:31 The short definition (recap)
08:38 Crafting a supply chain persona (recap)
10:29 Amsterdam, 10 000-foot view
13:28 On the menu
14:16 Supply
18:38 Network
21:36 Production
25:28 Assortment 13
28:11 Assortment 23
30:11 Assortment 33
33:38 Pricing
38:37 Channels
44:18 Promotions
52:38 Copacking
55:08 Conclusion
57:43 3.2 Amsterdam, a supply chain persona - Questions?


Amsterdam is a fictitious FMCG company that specializes in the production of cheeses, creams and butters. They operate a large portfolio of brands over multiple countries. Many business conflicting goals must be carefully balanced: quality, price, freshness, waste, diversity, locality, etc. By design, milk production and retail promotions put the company between the hammer and the anvil in terms of supply and demand.