Miami, an aviation MRO (persona) - Lecture 3.1

00:00 Introduction
02:01 Boeing 707
05:01 How many parts?
07:07 The story so far
08:50 Definition (recap)
10:03 Crafting a supply chain persona (recap)
12:09 Miami, 10 000-foot view
15:32 The Mission
19:54 Aviation MRO - Operations
20:25 Maintenance operation
27:18 Aircraft part, tangible
34:51 Aircraft part, intangible
37:56 Aircraft units
39:20 Aviation MRO - Decisions
39:36 The Float
46:37 Serve P/N requests
51:00 Invest and divest
58:40 Manage repairs
01:02:47 Asset Management
01:07:00 Other elements
01:11:56 Conclusion
01:14:38 Questions from the audience


Miami is a fictitious aviation MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul) in the USA serving a large fleet of commercial aircraft. In aviation, security is paramount. Parts and components must be routinely inspected and potentially repaired. Miami is in the business of keeping aircraft in the air at all times, avoiding AOG (aircraft on ground) incidents, which happen whenever a part needed to conduct a maintenance operation is missing.