Paris, a supply chain persona - Lecture 2.1.1

Paris is a fictitious European fashion brand operating a large retail network. The brand targets women and positions itself as being relatively affordable. While the design line is relatively classic and sober, the main business driver has always been novelty. Multiple collections per year are used to push waves of new products. Pushing the right product, at the right time, at the right price and with the right stock quantity is one of the core challenges


00:00 Introduction

02:14 Novelty

03:32 The story so far

05:16 The short definition (recap)

07:00 Crafting a supply chain persona (recap)

08:50 Paris, 10 000-foot view

16:18 Range planning 1/3

19:25 Range planning 2/3

21:18 Range planning 3/3

25:08 Pre-season pricing

29:27 Purchasing

38:12 Inbound distribution center

41:36 Store “initial” push

47:51 Store “routine” push

56:02 In-season pricing

01:00:59 Other elements - limitations of this Personae

01:04:16 Conclusion

01:06:42 2.1.1 Paris, a supply chain persona - Questions?