Cybersecurity for supply chain - Lecture 4.7

00:02 Introduction
02:12 Cybercrime on the rise
05:59 Competitive landscape
10:41 The story so far
13:00 9 circles of hell
14:50 Threat model (concepts 13)
20:54 Attack surface (concepts 23)
25:14 Black radius (concepts 33)
30:48 Unsafe hardware (sins 13)
38:05 Unsafe software (sins 23)
43:42 Supply chain attacks (sins 33)
49:22 Common wisdom (virtues 13)
57:23 Security inversion (virtues 23)
01:03:28 (In)Secure by design (virtues 33)
01:09:56 Conclusion
01:12:10 4.6 Software engineering for supply chain - Questions?


Cybercrime is on the rise. Ransomware is a booming business. Due to their physically distributed nature, supply chains are particularly exposed. Moreover, ambient complexity is a fertile ground for computer security woes. Computer security is counterintuitive by design, because it’s precisely the angle adopted by attackers to find and exploit breaches. Depending on the flavors of numerical recipes involved in the supply chain optimization, the risk can be increased or decreased.