Software engineering for supply chain - Lecture 4.6

00:02 Introduction
01:43 Mechanization
07:34 Beyond the paradox
12:14 The story so far
14:32 Today’s submodules
16:24 Requirements (mainstream 15)
20:12 Design (mainstream 25)
25:37 Construction (mainstream 35)
30:29 Testing (mainstream 45)
34:09 Maintenance (mainstream 55)
41:12 Identity (trenches 18)
46:35 Resume (trenches 28)
51:43 Practices (trenches 38)
56:47 Bastions (trenches 48)
01:02:00 Code writers (trenches 58)
01:06:23 Pain tolerance (trenches 68)
01:14:55 Productivity (trenches 78)
01:21:37 The Unknown (trenches 88)
01:27:00 Conclusion
01:29:55 4.6 Software engineering for supply chain - Questions?


Taming complexity and chaos is the cornerstone of software engineering. Considering that supply chains are both complex and chaotic, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that most of the enterprise software woes faced by supply chains boil down to bad software engineering. Numerical recipes used to optimize supply chains are software and, thus, subject to the exact same problem. These problems grow in intensity along with the sophistication of the numerical recipes themselves. Proper software engineering is for supply chains what asepsis is to hospitals: on its own it doesn’t do anything - like treating patients - but without it, everything falls apart.