Dusting the ERP market (with Fabien Pinkaers)

00:00 Introduction
00:32 Fabien, could you give us a short introduction about yourself?
01:08 How did you plan to tackle the competitive landscape?
02:23 Microsoft and SAP have invested billions of dollars in the S&M market and still failed. Why do you think that is?
04:43 Do you agree that the evolution of ERP systems and its market has become more stagnant?
07:48 Just like Odoo in the ERP market and Lokad in the supply chain software market, do we have any direct competitors?
08:32 Does the average ERP integration cost $40k?
10:32 Speaking of high cost ERP systems, such as Netsuite, don’t they also have a very high operating cost?
14:16 If we look at how the big Tech Giants have evolved over the years, do you agree that the user experience tends to stagnate after 20 years, the ‘ERP curse’?
16:52 As a company grows, is there a growth in complexity and processing, but simultaneously a drop in automation and development becomes stagnant?
20:51 What’s your view on acquisitions for Odoo in the future?
21:42 What is your plan to avoid this ERP curse?
25:34 What was the idea behind avoiding a typical internal hierarchy in Odoo?
27:45 Odoo has had quite a few name changes over the years, when is the next one going to be? It’s been working great so far.


The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) market has become almost overgrown with the variety of software solutions offered. Several tech giants are dominating the market, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and now also Odoo which has become a key player. In this episode, we are thrilled to be joined by Fabien Pinckaers to explore how the ERP market has been both developing in the last decades, but also stagnating.

Fabien Pinkaers is the founder and CEO of Odoo, one of the few unicorns in Europe. Odoo is an open-source suite of business management software tools and is the only one amongst the top players that can also fit the market in developing countries. Odoo was founded in 2005 and now has 5.5M users and 2000 employees.

What is the secret behind Odoo’s big success? How did Odoo manage to take the torch in such an established market as ERP? What is the ‘ERP curse’ of stagnation and how do we avoid it? Fabien and Joannes dive into these questions in detail and discuss what the future holds for Odoo and the ERP market.