Supply chain persona: San Jose, homeware ecommerce - Lecture 3.3

00:21 Introduction
02:22 Selling homeware online
05:02 Competitive landscape
07:58 The story so far
11:49 San Jose, 10000-foot view
09:49 Applicative landscape 1/2
13:43 Applicative landscape 2/2
19:28 Home sweet home
25:34 Assorting
26:03 Purchasing
29:11 Allocating
33:01 Pricing
36:05 Selling
38:12 Promoting
43:18 Nuturing
52:17 Triaging
56:04 Conclusion
58:12 3.3 San Jose, homeware ecommerce - Questions?


San Jose is a fictitious ecommerce that distributes a variety of home furnishing and accessories. They operate their own online marketplace. Their private brand competes with external brands, both internally and externally. In order to remain competitive with larger and lower priced actors, San Jose’s supply chain attempts to deliver a high quality of service that takes many forms, well beyond the timely delivery of the goods ordered.