21st Century Trends in Supply Chain - Lecture 1.5

A few major trends have been dominating the evolution of supply chains over the last decades, largely reshaping the mix of challenges faced by companies. Some problems have largely faded away, such as physical hazards and quality issues. Some problems have risen, such as overall complexity and competition intensity. Notably, software is also reshaping supply chains in profound ways. A quick survey of these trends helps us understand what should be the focus of a supply chain theory.


00:16 Introduction

00:57 Average - Supply Chain terms shaping the world

03:58 The story so far

05:02 Promitheiadynamics

06:43 Better UX via Tougher Supply Chain

21:26 Programmatic Options in Supply Chain

40:22 Supply Chain (d)evolutions

58:21 Conclusion: XXIst century supply chain is about conquering complexity

01:01:04 Questions from the audience