Product-oriented delivery for Supply Chain - Lecture 1.3

00:39 Introduction
02:40 Why a product? Because capitalism
08:18 What should the product do?
10:05 Software diseconomies of scale
12:43 Let’s buy a SCO product off the shelf
21:58 SCM vs SCO
25:58 Interlude
28:21 SCO is not your average software product
33:26 Software Ingredients for SCO
42:49 Yet spreadsheets are not the endgame
46:51 Python is not the endgame either
58:52 SC is not a division of IT
01:03:19 In conclusion, two challenges to overcome
01:07:04 Questions from the audience


The goal of a Quantitative Supply Chain initiative is either to deliver or to improve a software application that robotizes a scope of routine decisions (e.g. inventory replenishments, price updates). The application is viewed as a product to be engineered. The supply chain theory is there to help us deliver an application that steers the company toward supply chain performance, while being compatible with all the constraints that the production entails.


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