Programming paradigms as Supply Chain theory - Lecture 1.4

00:44 Introduction
03:03 The story so far
06:52 A selection of paradigms
08:20 Static Analysis
18:26 Array programming
28:08 Hardware miscibility
35:38 Probabilistic programming
40:53 Differentiable programming
55:12 Versioning code+data
01:00:01 Secure programming
01:05:37 In conclusion, tooling matters in Supply Chain too
01:06:40 Questions from the audience


While mainstream supply chain theory struggles to prevail in companies at large, one tool; namely Microsoft Excel, has enjoyed considerable operational success. Re-implementing the numerical recipes of the mainstream supply chain theory via spreadsheets is trivial, yet, this is not what happened in practice despite awareness of the theory. We demonstrate that spreadsheets won by adopting programming paradigms that proved superior to deliver supply chain results.