The Quantitative Supply Chain in a nutshell - Lecture 1.2

00:50 Introduction
02:30 How to? Supply chain lectures
04:27 The Quantitative Supply Chain Manifesto
06:51 All possible futures
17:18 All feasible decisions
22:05 Economic drivers
30:48 Robotization
35:34 Supply Chain Scientists
40:28 From vision to reality
42:04 The myth of the supply chain maturity
45:37 In conclusion
46:18 Questions from the audience


The Quantitative Supply Chain’s manifesto emphasizes a short series of salient points to grasp how this alternative theory, proposed and pioneered by Lokad, diverges from the mainstream supply chain theory. It could be summarized with: every single decision is scored against all the possible futures according to the economic drivers. This perspective gradually emerged at Lokad as the mainstream supply chain theory, and its implementation by (nearly?) all software vendors, remains challenging.