New Media for New Supply Chains (with Sarah Barnes-Humphrey)

00:40 Can you tell us a little more about your background?
03:16 Currently you’re working on a new series called The Trade Squad. What’s the idea behind this?
04:36 Today, our topic is Media in Supply Chains, certainly not quite as glamorous as some other industries. What’s your take on it?
07:22 An industry which has it’s fair share of buzzwords, do you think there are too many of them?
10:47 What about this idea of fake news? Now we are in the age of free information, how do you actually know who is a trustworthy source of news?
12:09 Can you see influencers coming through in the Supply Chain industry?
15:10 What have you observed in the way that knowledge is presently passed around the industry?
16:25 What has changed in the Supply Chain industry over the last decade or so?
20:06 What challenges can you see from a media perspective over the next decade?
22:08 What are your hopes for LokadTV for the future? Why did you start this initiative?
24:42 An industry which might need a little more fun. Can you see this happening and how do you see this evolving?
27:30 Can Supply Chains be sexy!? Like we have seen in other industries?
28:22 Conclusion


Comparatively to other fields, say software engineering or mechanical engineering, supply chain media during the 2000’s and the 2010’s decades has been dominated by the communications of big-name tech vendors to the detriment of innovation and actual supply chain performance.

One could easily say that the world of supply chains arguably lacks a lot of the glitz and glamour that other industries have, with sparse media coverage and a considerable lack of large influencers. However, with the internet gradually breeding a smaller community of supply chain aficionados, we’re witnessing that the industry is slowly evolving.

For this episode of LokadTV, we’re thrilled to welcome Sarah Barnes-Humphrey - the presenter of the podcast ‘Let’s Talk Supply Chains’ and one of Canada’s most influential women working in supply chain - live from Toronto, to discuss the role of the media in this evolution. Together we investigate the impact this is having on promoting best practices amongst the next generation of supply chain professionals.

For example, the use of buzzwords and acronyms has grown somewhat exponentially over the last few years. We discuss whether there are too many and what the industry can do to move towards something with a little more substance. We learn more about the messy structure of the supply chain industry and how this industry, which previously communicated mainly through gossip and remained very insular, is starting to collaborate and share its knowledge.

We explore in more detail the mindsets that still remain and how we need to shake things up and get over these in order to progress. Frequently, in a Lord of the Rings style, there’s an attitude of “One System to rule them all”.

Finally, we try to investigate the biggest challenges that the media is currently facing today and take into account the important responsibility not to ‘overstate’ the potential of young technology.