Data Security

With celebrities, businesses and even governments falling victim to hackers, data security has become a topic of huge media interest. In this episode of LokadTV, we discuss how, as cloud computing continues to gain in popularity and hacking techniques become more and more sophisticated, we can be fully confident that our data is safe.

Nowadays we are more dependent on software and online services than ever and it’s no surprise if cyber attacks are on the rise. In this video, we learn which criteria you should consider when determining if a company can be trusted, or instead should be avoided at all costs. For example, would you consider a large company who exposes tons of resources online as being cyber-secure? Would you outsource your systems to such a company?

What do we, at Lokad, do as a company in order to keep our own systems safe from attacks? For us, security is one of our major concerns, running parallel to the accuracy of the forecasts we deliver. In this video, we reveal some of our own “secrets” and explain why we choose to rely on Microsoft Azure for our security and why we decided not to use any sequel or relational databases.

We also look at the concept of hackers and “Whitehats”, freelancers who spend their time trying to hack into companies’ codes in order to find security issues that they will subsequently report to the company itself. Are they our allies in improving the security of IT systems? In addition, we debate on why the systems used by governments or military forces are among the most vulnerable in the world and why “security by obscurity” is no longer something to long for.

Finally, we talk about the future. Can we possibly envisage a day when IT systems are completely safe and hacking becomes a relic of the past? Even though we are far from idle, there’s a field where this can happen faster. Are you wondering which one? Supply Chain…