The Data Scientist in Supply Chain

00:08 Introduction
00:39 Why is there suddenly this need for Data Scientists?
01:30 If these data miners aren’t still around today, is there something we can learn from why it went wrong?
03:01 Should we not start selling Lokad’s technology to universities so that the next generation of Data Scientists are fully trained in the tool?
04:44 Is there any catch beyond focusing on the correct business problem?
06:56 Here at Lokad, we have Supply Chain Scientists rather than Data Scientists. Could you tell a little bit more about them? Why do they have a different name?
09:49 What about the IT department? What is it responsible for?
11:57 Are Data Scientists trained on data preparation?


A data scientist is a technical expert who is capable of solving a business problem by gathering the relevant data, by creating a quantitative model, and by delivering a working solution to stakeholders. However, supply chain challenges tend be complex business wise. The Supply Chain Scientist is a data scientist that specializes in the resolution of supply chain problems.

In this episode of LokadTV, we discuss the role of the data scientist, a new job position that appears to be spreading across the supply chain industry like wildfire. This is a subject that is becoming increasingly more relevant given the almost frightening amount of data tha is being collected on our daily lives, plus the way that companies are placing more and more importance on inferring relevant conclusions from this data to give their business an edge.

Five years ago, no supply chain director had any need for data scientists. However, today that has all changed with the number of job positions open for data scientists seemingly growing faster than the rate that universities can produce suitable candidates. Nowadays, it seems that every single supply chain department needs entire teams of data scientists.

To wrap things up, we discuss the various impacts that data scientists can have on a business and the vital importance of data preparation. We also introduce the concept of the “Supply Chain Scientist” and how he or she is different from a data scientist.